Hedley Releases ‘Hello’ Official Video and It’s About Making a Connection

hedley hello official video

Canadian pop rock band Hedley’s sixth studio album will be released next month, and they have just kicked off the promotion for it with the video for the title track and latest single, ‘Hello‘, which was released yesterday.

The album Hello will be released on Universal Music Canada on November 6th.

As for the video, according to lead singer Jacob Hoggard:

Hello‘ is a song about that moment when you hang up the phone, and wish you didn’t. That second that you say “Goodbye” and wish you hadn’t. And that idea of knowing what it takes to get through something and ultimately it being as simple as just reaching out and saying “I’m sorry” or “I love you” or saying “Hello, I miss you”. And it’s that connection that you want so badly to happen, but is the hardest thing to do”.

All songs on the new album were written by lead singer, with songwriter Ryan Stewart, known for his work with Carly Rae Jepsen, also collaborating on several tracks.

Watch Hedley’s official video for ‘Hello‘ below. It is a lovely one. And then pre-order the upcoming album on CD, so you are ready for its release on November 13th.


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