Herbert Grönemeyer’s ‘Morgen’ is Powerful and Beautiful – (Lyric Video)

Herbert Grönemeyer morgen


One of the many nice things about liking Conchita Wurst are all the other cool artists I keep finding because of her. Today, I found another one. Herbert Grönemeyer.

That’s because, while waiting for Conchita to appear live on Austria’s Ö3 radio this morning via my internet connection, Ö3 played a track from a German singer I’d never heard. So I checked it out. It turned out to be Herbert Grönemeyer, whose new single is called ‘Morgen‘ (‘Tomorrow‘) and his voice and it are lovely.

As for Herbert Grönemeyer, he is apparently the most successful rock singer in Germany — something that I should be embarrassed about, as I’d never heard of him. Or had I?

Weirdly, I had, as he acted in one of my favorite movies ‘Das Boot‘, so I did recognize his face but had no idea he was also a singer, or how successful he was in German-speaking countries. Or how nice his songs are.

Now I know Grönemeyer produces some pretty awesome songs, though, I’ll be making sure I follow his career, as he creates the type of music I like.

Meanwhile, listen to Herbert Grönemeyer singing ‘Morgen’, from his upcoming album ‘Dauernd jetzt‘ (‘Steady Now‘). I like it as, even if I don’t understand more than a few words he’s singing, the song is powerful and has such a great feeling of someone completely in love.

If you like ‘Morgen’ too, you can buy it on iTunes from November 7th, 2014.


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