Hey Violet Signed to Hi or Hey Records: Awesome Pop Rock (Video)

hey violet

This is weird. A friend sent me a link to pop rock band Hey Violet’s music video for their new single ‘This Is Why‘ a couple of days ago, as she thought they were pretty awesome. Today, I woke up to the news Hey Violet is the first band signed to the brand new Hi or Hey Records label. Coincidence, but a very nice one.

Hi or Hey Records, of course, is the new record label from Aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer. A label they’re kicking off with an almighty sound and heading for a likely success story, as they couldn’t have picked a better first band than Hey Violet. The band really does have everything — great music, excellent voices, more girls than guys (3 girls 1 guy – well it’s nice for a change), and a cool look.

By the way, Hey Violet are from LA, and they are Miranda Miller (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Rena Lovelis (bass, vocals), Nia Lovelis (drums, vocals), and Casey Moreta (guitar, vocals).

And, yes, they are amazingly excited to be the first band signed to Hi or Hey. Watch their Instagram video below and you’ll see just how much.

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