Hey Violet’s ‘Clean’ says breakups aren’t as clean as people say, but the song is catchy and cool — listen

Once a fully fledged band and now a trio after bassist Iain Shipp was fired in April due to allegations of sexual assault being made against him, LA-based Hey Violet are back with yet another new single — ‘Clean‘.

Hey Violet’s ‘Clean‘ also came with a lyric video today. An animated lyric video that is pretty damned cool, and a new single in which lead singer Rena Lovelis absolutely nails the vocals.

As someone in the YouTube comments of the video intimated, in other words we have been watching Rena for the last few years go from a decent singer to someone whose vocals are now just gorgeous.

Hey Violet’s ‘Clean‘ is also incredibly catchy, and an excellent follow up to ‘Better By Myself’, ‘Close My Eyes‘ and ‘Queen Of The Night’., which were also released this year.

The electropop band’s latest release, however, is a little bit different than its predecessors, as this one is not bemoaning love or the problems found when you’re in it.

Instead, it is celebrating making a clean break but also commenting on how people often fool themselves about how they feel when they do it.

As Lovelis herself explained about the track:

“Clean’ is a song that feels somewhere between freedom from a relationship and being in denial with yourself. You may be happy to be out of a relationship, but you’re simultaneously trying to convince everyone that the break-up didn’t bother you at all”.

Listen to Hey Violet’s ‘Clean‘ in the new lyric video below, and in the Spotify widget below that, and listen to those lyrics well.

And yes, if I had to guess, I’d say this one is going to be a big hit.

Keep up-to-date on Hey Violet’s latest news on the trio’s website.

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