Hindi Zahra Sings ‘The Blues’ Live on Le Grand Journal – Lovely Performance (Video)

hindi zahra

Pop soul singer Hindi Zahra was on the French TV show Le Grand Journal last week where she performed her song ‘The Blues‘ from the album Homeland. And what a fantastic performance it was.

Zahra, just in case you don’t know, is a French Moroccan singer who was actually born Zahra Hindi, but decided it sounded better the other way around as a stage name. She sings mainly songs that are a lovely mix of pop, soul, folk and jazz with also some Berber influence.

Hindi Zahra has a couple of albums out, the last one released in 2011, and a new single this year called ‘Any Story‘.

Watch Hindi Zahra singing ‘The Blues‘ on the CANAL+ show Le Grand Journal below. Such a lovely intensely intimate performance, especially seeing as how it was in front of quite a large live audience.


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