How Conchita Wurst Changes Lives: Fans Tell How She Impacted Theirs

conchita wurst one eyebrow

Since Conchita Wurst slammed into my life back in May, things have never been the same. As a fiercely independent woman, a writer, and someone who has never been particularly bowled over by someone I haven’t met before, I don’t know what happened.

That’s because writing about Conchita Wurst, on Leo Sigh and elsewhere, in an attempt to get her even more well known, has become a part of my daily life. And frankly, that’s just never been something I would have done before.

So, it got me thinking. If I’m this enamoured of Conchita Wurst and having so much fun helping her get to bigger and bigger successes, she’s obviously changed my life.

If Conchita Wurst has changed my life, the same can probably be said of others. So, I asked fans on her official fan page to send me their thoughts about the impact this incredible Austrian diva has had on them.

What follows is a short series of articles from Conchita fans all over the world. You’ll find the first one from Conchita fan Teresa Michalski here.

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