How Fans Can Help Conchita Wurst Become an International Superstar

As one of Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita’s biggest admirers, I’m currently thinking about things I can do to help her become an international superstar.

That’s because someone with the incredible drive and ambition Conchita has, along with her refusal to allow the bigots and homophobes to destroy her dreams, deserves help to get where she ultimately wants to be. A world renowned singer, and idolized by millions.

So, today, I put my thinking cap on and came up with a few tips for people like me. Tips for how fans can help Conchita become an international superstar.

That’s because, if I am feeling that way about her, I’m guessing there are tens of thousands more. Fans who, if they spent a couple of minutes a day doing just a few things, could have an enormous impact on how visible Conchita is in the world of music, and how popular she becomes.

If that sounds like you, read on if you want to help her.

1. Like her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter – As silly as it sounds to some, the number of fans who are active on a singer’s Facebook and Twitter pages has an impact on how the music industry sees that singer. A thousand fans? Meh. Not important. A million fans? Suddenly people in the music industry are taking notice.

Because if a million people have liked her Facebook page and followed her on Twitter, those are people who might buy her albums and concert tickets, and that means more interest for Conchita from people in the industry who can help further her dreams.

Don’t forget to ‘Like’ her individual Facebook posts and tweets as well, and share and retweet the ones you love. Every time you do, it’s a vote of confidence for her.

Conchita’s Twitter account is here. Her Facebook is here.  Follow her on both of them.

2. Follow Conchita on Instagram, like her photos and leave a comment

If you don’t have an Instagram account, get one. It takes 3 minutes. You can even sign up with your Facebook account, which takes 30 seconds, and you don’t have to upload your own photos if you don’t want to.

Once you have an account, follow Conchita’s Instagram account. It is the only social media account she herself runs personally, so by getting an Instagram account, you are supporting her directly.

Then make sure you like every new photo she uploads, and leave a nice comment on each of them. (One comment, please, because if you spam her, she’s going to get sick of you pretty quick!)

Instagram promotes photos to the top of search results dependent on the number of likes and comments they have.

The more likes and comments Conchita has on each photo, the higher up her photos will appear in search results and, thus, the more chance new people will discover her and follow her.

** And, if you see photos on Instagram of themselves with Conchita on other people’s accounts, leave a message for them telling them what a nice photo it is, and how lovely she is.

3. Watch her You Tube videos and subscribe to her channelConchita Wurst has a YouTube channel.

Get a YouTube account if you don’t already have one and subscribe to her channel. The more subscribers she has, the more she gets noticed on YouTube.

Once you are following her, watch her videos. Give each one a ‘thumbs up’, and leave a comment. Again, YouTube promotes videos higher up search dependent on the number of likes and comments they have, so liking and commenting is really important.

If you don’t know what to comment, just leave a “Hi Conchita, I love you”. That works just as well as anything else you have to say.

Remember, you can also watch her videos every day, even if you have watched them before. This increases the number of views on each video, and gets her more attention from YouTube and from people in the music industry.

Listening to or watching her videos is easy too.

Just click on one of these playlists, hit the ‘Play All‘ button at the top of the list, and every video in that playlist will automatically play.

I play them while I am cleaning my flat, making dinner or writing an article I don’t have to think about, and I play some of them every day.

4. Read every online article you can find and comment on it – People who own websites generally write about the people that get the most page views.

That is why doing a search once a day for new Conchita articles, and reading them, will help make sure they keep writing about her, and keep her name in the public eye.

If there is a comment section, you can comment something supportive on them as well.

More publicity for Conchita like this means more offers for her, and that means more Conchita performances for us. A win-win situation for everyone.

5. If you can, write about her – I’m a writer, so I write articles about Conchita every month either on Leo Sigh (there are over 550 articles I’ve written about her on Leo Sigh here), or at places like Garrett Mulhall’s website Eurovision Ireland or at Austria’s The Local.

If you can write too, write about her. The more her name pops up online, the more popular she appears to those who matter.


6. Buy her music – Conchita currently has a debut album out, plus several singles. If you haven’t bought them, buy them. You can pick them up at most major music stores online, as well as at music shops in your area of the world.

If you already own them, buy them as a gift for someone else. Higher music sales means more publicity for Conchita, and more attention from the music industry.

Remember too, she has her second album coming out sometime next year. Make sure you pre-order it when it goes on sale.

7. Tell your friends and family – If you love what Conchita is doing, tell your friends and family about her and try to get more fans for her that way.

I am currently in the process of trying to convert my mother to the ‘Conchita side of life’. She’s in her 70s, more conservative than I would like, but at least she is listening.

We have now watched Conchita’s performance at Eurovision together (she thinks she has a good voice), several music videos and I showed her La Wurst’s ice bucket challenge.

She laughed. It’s a start. And I am persistent.

8. Take people to her concerts – If you are going to see her in concert, buy a ticket for someone who might not otherwise go and take them with you. After all, you’d have to be pretty stone-hearted not to love her when you saw her in person, because she really is incredible live. Result? New fan. Yay!

Conchita is performing in Berlin on November 7th with the Berlin Philharmonic (tickets here), and in Hamburg on November 8th also with the Berlin Philharmonic (tickets here). You can also check on other upcoming concert dates and places on Conchita’s website.

9. Get her beard tattooed on your arm 🙂 – Okay, I’m probably one of the few invested in her success enough to do this, but there may just be a few more of you out there. I got Conchita Wurst’s beard tattoed on my arm for my birthday a couple of years ago, and it’s amazing how many people have asked what it is and why I have it.

That has then opened up the door for me to talk about Conchita, show them a video of her singing on my always-with-me tablet and, if nothing else, start a conversation and get her name out there.

Besides, who doesn’t love a cool tattoo? (Okay, my mother doesn’t. But that’s a different article).

These are just a few things fans can do to help Conchita Wurst become an international superstar. There are more.

The point is, do something small every day to support this artist so many of us adore, and she’ll be in our lives for decades.

Personally? I can’t imagine anything more fabulous.

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