How Long Before Adele’s ‘Hello’ Hits a Billion Views? (Video)

adele hello video

I spend so much time watching YouTube videos, I end up watching some of them again and again. Case in point, Adele’s ‘Hello‘. A video that was only released seven weeks ago, and already has over 685 million views. Twenty seven million of those during the first 24 hours of release, on a video that has easily¬†beaten Taylor Swift’s previous record.

And that started me wondering. If the video can have almost 700 million views in just seven weeks, how long before Adele’s ‘Hello’ hits one billion?

My guess is no longer than a few weeks, which would take us just a couple of weeks into the new year.

After all, Adele’s new album, 25, was only released three weeks ago¬†and, during its first week, became the fastest selling album in British chart history. In the US, it sold 3.8 million copies during its first week of release – the only album to ever do this — and it’s continuing to set records as each new week goes by.

And, if so many Adele fans are buying her album, you know darn well even more are watching ‘Hello‘ over and over again.

So why not help ‘Hello‘ along, and get it to one billion views for Adele. After all, it’s a beautiful video and song, and deserves every view it’s getting. You can watch it below.

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