How Tall is Conchita Wurst? If You Can Get Past All The Cute, She’ll Tell You (Video)

conchita answers google is great


I spend entirely too much time writing about Conchita Wurst. We all know this. I even sent her a tweet saying I’m ‘busy’ today, and two hours later, I’m writing about her. But…..I’ve got this thing in my head from a Conchita Answers video she put up on her YouTube channel a while ago — a video I rewatched today and so…..

The video is Conchita’s answer to the fan question “How tall are you, what do you weigh and what is your shoe size?”, and the thing that I’m obsessing about today is this (as frankly, I’m not that concerned about how tall Conchita Wurst is, or how much she weighs)……..

Am I the only one that sits there with a big grin on my face the whole time she’s talking in these ‘Conchita Answers‘ videos she makes, because every shoulder shrug, every raised eyebrow, every tongue flick, and every quirky little mannerism is just so full of ‘cute’?

What’s even more fabulous about the ‘Conchita Answers‘ videos is some of her real personality comes through a little bit more than it sometimes does in interviews, and you get the feeling she finds herself just as amusing as the rest of us do. And, in the ‘How tall is Conchita‘ video, when she gets to “Google is great”, I laugh out loud every time, even though I’ve seen the damn thing 50 times already, because she’s just so delighted with herself at how cute she is.

Let’s face it, all this cute comes from the fact that Conchita Wurst is the world’s biggest flirt when it comes to the camera, and absolutely superb at flirting with it as if she’s flirting just with you — the person sitting behind it. That’s what makes her ‘Conchita’s Answers‘ videos so fun to watch and why, I think, Conchita Wurst could eventually be a very good TV presenter.

She’s personable, and charming, and smart, and funny, and very quick-witted. And, don’t forget, all of this is done in a language that isn’t her own. Quite astounding really.

But don’t start thinking ‘Conchita’s Answers‘ videos are all flirty and cute, as she does answer serious questions as well. Like the one last week “Have you ever fallen asleep as Conchita with make-up on and wearing a dress?”. She was very serious when she advised fans to never ever fall asleep with make-up on as it’s terrible for your skin.

The problem is, she was so serious talking about the necessity of removing your make-up, and so incredibly earnest, that it just became……….. cute again and, yep, there was me………… grinning like an idiot. And laughing delightedly.

See. I’m a lost cause when it comes to Conchita Wurst. Although, I think most of the ‘fandom’ is as well. She’s just so indescribably talented when she sings and perfectly, awesomely cute and adorable when she talks, and so my thoughts about Conchita seem to bop between “Oh God that performance was incredible” to “Oh God my face hurts from smiling at all the cute”.

So, yes, if you haven’t seen them already, do go and watch her ‘Conchita Answers series. She puts them up semi-regularly, with apparently a new batch coming soon. And if you are a big fan of ‘Conchita cute’, these things have it in spades.

Meanwhile, watch the two videos I mentioned below. They’re great. (Just like Google).

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