I Love James Arthur’s ‘Certain Things’ Featuring Chasing Grace with Its Beautiful Vocals and Gorgeous Lyrics


I have a bit of a thing for British singer songwriter James Arthur this week.

Not only for his amazing free rap album that I have had on constant repeat since I downloaded it on Sunday, but also for his debut album James Arthur, and the gorgeous songs it contains.

James Arthur’s ‘Certain Things‘ featuring Chasing Grace, for instance.

Because what a beautiful song that is, and what enchanting lyrics:

Something about you
It’s like an addiction
Hit me with your best shot honey
I’ve got no reason to doubt you
‘Cause certain things hurt

And you’re my only virtue
And I’m virtually yours
And you keep coming back, coming back again
Keep running round, running round, running round my head

James Arthur uploaded the audio track for ‘Certain Things‘ to his YouTube channel this morning.

That means, cue another James Arthur song I am going to have on repeat for the foreseeable future.

Listen to it below, and I guarantee you will as well. And, of course, grab Arthur’s self-titled debut album on most major sites now.


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