Icehouse ‘Crazy’, One of the Best Synth Pop Songs of All Time: Repeat Rotation Video

icehouse crazy


I’m going back in time for today’s Repeat Rotation Video with Icehouse’s ‘Crazy‘.

You may not have heard of Icehouse, as they are an Australian synth pop band that were big in the late 80s and early 90s (although they are still active today), but they released some amazing songs.

Icehouse also produced a slew of Top Ten albums in Asia and Europe, and 20 singles that hit top positions in the charts all over the world.

As for Icehouse’s ‘Crazy‘, it was from their album ‘Man of Colours’ — one of my all-time favorite albums. It’s a catchy song, hit number 10 on the rock chart in the US, and was something I used to play on my radio show until the album just about wore out.

Let’s face it, alternative music back in the 80s was quite a bit more innovative than it is nowadays and Icehouse is a great example of one of the best alternative bands.

Listen to Icehouse’s ‘Crazy‘ below — headphones and loud. Could listen to it for days.


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