Iggy Pop ‘Post Pop Depression: Live At Royal Albert Hall Releases October 28, 2016


As if it wasn’t fabulous enough that, in what was one of the biggest music surprises of the year, iconic American singer songwriter Iggy Pop released a new album, ‘Post Pop Depression‘, he is also about to release ‘Post Pop Depression: Live at the Royal Albert Hall‘ at the end of the month via Eagle Rock Entertainment — and on CD, DVD, digital and Blu-Ray.

The live concert is from Iggy Pop’s recent tour, and includes music from his latest album as well as more classic tracks.

Iggy Pop’s ‘Post Pop Depression: Live at the Royal Albert Hall‘ is a 22-track set that includes gems like ‘China Girl’, ‘Nightclubbing’, ‘American Valhalla’, ‘Break Into Your Heart’, ‘Success’, and ‘Sister Midnight‘.

Check out the full 22-track listing at the bottom of the page, watch Iggy Pop’s performance of ‘Break Into Your Heart‘ at the Royal Albert Hall in the video below, and, of course, pre-order ‘Post Pop Depression: Live at the Royal Albert Hall‘ on all major digital music sites.

Full track listing for ‘Post Pop Depression: Live at the Royal Albert Hall’

1. “Lust for Life”
2. “Sister Midnight”
3. “American Valhalla”
4. “Sixteen”
5. “In the Lobby”
6. “Some Weird Sin”
7. “Funtime”
8. “Tonight”
9. “Sunday”
10. “German Days”
11. “Mass Production”
12. “Nightclubbing”
13. “Gardenia”
14. “The Passenger”
15. “China Girl”
16. “Break Into Your Heart”
17. “Fall in Love With Me”
18. “Repo Man”
19. “Baby”
20. “Chocolate Drops”
21. “Paraguay”
22. “Success”

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