Ikimonogakari’s ‘Kyo kara koko kara’ on The First Take is lovely and so uplifting

Ikimonogakari’s Kiyoe Yoshioka on The First Take

Japanese pop duo Ikimonogakari appeared on YouTube’s The First Take channel yesterday to perform their song ‘Kyo kara koko kara‘ — live and in one take.

The duo first released the song in May, with Ikimonogakari’s live performance of the track not only lovely, but also incredibly uplifting.

Interestingly too, Ikimonogakari’s performance of ‘Kyo kara koko kara‘ is the first time the pair have performed together as a duo live.

That is because, even though the pair has been creating music together for more than 20 years, up until recently Ikimonogakari has always had a third member — guitarist and pianist Hotaka Yamashita.

Yamashita left the group in June of this year, however, as he wanted to retire from the entertainment industry.


Yoshiki Mizuno

That leaves Ikimonogakari now comprising vocalist Kiyoe Yoshioka, and guitarist and pianist Yoshiki Mizuno, and with Yoshioka himself admitting about The First Take performance:

“It was a fresh session for us. It was the first time performing it with just the two of us, so I was nervous.

If the duo’s performance of ‘Kyo kara koko kara’ is anything to go by, though, I would say they have a long career ahead of them.

Listen to Ikimonogakari’s gorgeous performance of ‘Kyo kara koko kara‘ on The First Take in the video below.

The Japanese title, by the way, means ‘From today, from here‘ in English.

You can find more of their lovely music on Spotify.


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