Imagine Dragons releases uninteresting ‘Whatever It Takes’ 360 degree lyrics video

Imagine Dragons releases uninteresting ‘Whatever It Takes’ 360 degree lyrics video

It is definitely looking like alternative rock band Imagine Dragons are going to be heavily promoting their already released promotion single ‘Whatever It Takes‘. At least if the band’s just released 360 degree lyrics video is anything to go by.

A 360 degree lyrics video whose controls didn’t work for me when the video was playing no matter which browser I tried.  They do, however, work when you stop the song. Weird.

You, however, may want to try it for yourself to see if you can get it to work.

Whatever It Takes‘ is from Imagine Dragons’ latest album Evolve. An album that has only been garnering a mixed critical reception internationally, although it has been successful in international charts.

Not absolutely surprising, as many of the tracks on Evolve are quite bland compared to the band’s previous  three albums.

As for ‘Whatever It Takes‘, watch the band’s 360 degree video below. My thoughts? While I think the concept could have been interesting, the execution is… meh.

Because it really is nothing more than Imagine Dragons jumping on the 360 degree video band wagon. An annoying and usually out of focus genre (due to the number of available pixels having to be stretched across the entire 360 degree video) I really really wish had already had its day.

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