India Martinez’s ‘Corazon Hambriento’ ft. Abel Pintos is Dramatically Beautiful – Repeat Rotation Video

india martinez Corazon Hambriento

I’m a sucker for songs sung in Spanish. Just about any songs really. But, I’m especially partial to Spanish songs that are extremely dramatic. There’s something just so beautiful about them in the Spanish language, an effect I don’t think they’d have in English.

Case in point, Spanish singer India Martinez’sCorazon Hambriento‘ (Hungry Heart) ft. Abel Pintos. It’s a beautiful song, so incredibly dramatic the way she, and he, sings it, and it’s one of those songs you just want to put on repeat for a few hours. Which I just did today, as I played it as my Repeat Rotation Video.

And really, it’s no wonder India Martinez is so dramatic when she sings. She started out with flamenco music when she was just five years old, and has obviously kept that heart-grabbing Spanish art form close to her own heart throughout her life, as you can still hear the strains of it in everything she sings.

India Martinez has six albums out currently. Corazon Hambriento‘ is the first track from her latest album Dual, which was released in November, 2014. It’s a 15-track collaboration album with artists like Abel Pintos, Paolo Gonzo, Manuel Carrasco and Estopa.

And let me just say, if you haven’t heard it yet, you must listen to it all the way through — again and again and again (you can do that on Deezer). It’s that beautiful. 

Meanwhile, watch and listen to India Martinez’ ‘Corazon Hambriento‘ in the video below for your Repeat Rotation video today. And, yes, play it loud. It will touch your heart.


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