India Martinez’s ‘Dime Que Sera’ Has Beautiful Flamenco Influences (Video)

india martinez dime que sera

I’m adding Spanish singer India Martinez to that small group of female singers I’m happily becoming obsessed with. It’s only right, seeing as how I have been listening to her latest album ‘Dual’ almost non-stop for the last week, including this song — my Repeat Rotation Video today – India Martinez singingDime Que Sera‘ (Say You Will) along with popular flamenco singer Pitingo,

India Martinez’ ‘Corazon Hambriento‘ is beautiful

After all, she is what I love in female singers — she has a gorgeous voice, she is beautiful, sexy, has a big personality, and produces some of the most beautiful dramatic ballads.

Plus, it is those flamenco influences, and that almost Middle Eastern feel to her songs, I keep falling for.

Listen to India Martinez and Pitingo singingDime Que Sera ‘ in the audio video below. Isn’t that gorgeous?

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