Iron and Wine Releases ‘Dreamers and Makers Are My Favorite People’ Short Film (Video)

iron and wine dreamers are my favorite people

Texas folk rock singer Iron and Wine has released ‘Dreamers and Makers Are My Favorite People’, a short film of a concert Iron and Wine (aka Sam Beam) held at the Jerry Run Summer Theater in Cleveland, West Virginia.


Dreamers and Makers Are My Favorite People’ is an interesting film, as it takes a look at Iron and Wine’s beginnings in music. When and why he started to write and play music, what it was like when he first got started, and why he did this particular concert at the tiny, out-in-the-boonies, but very cool theater Jerry Run Summer Theater.

The film is also fascinating to watch as it shows what amazing things can happen when someone (Dusty Anderson, the builder of the Jerry Run Summer Theater) pursues their dream.

The music of the film itself is all looked at in collaboration with the release of Iron and Wine’s latest album ”Archive Series Volume No. 1.’ – a self-released album consisting of previously unreleased recordings, covers and live concert performances spanning Iron and Wine’s entire 10-year career. (Which is superb, and which you can pick up on iTunes).

It is also part of a series, with Archive Series Volume No. 2 coming at a later date.

Until it does, watch ‘Dreamers and Makers Are My Favorite People‘ below.