Is Conchita Wurst Single? Boyfriend? Husband? Do You Stand a Chance? (Video)

is conchita wurst single

Is Conchita Wurst single? Does she have a boyfriend? A husband? These have been the questions on many people’s minds since the Austrian singer won the Eurovision Song Contest back in May last year.

So, during the LA Press Club event to welcome Conchita to Los Angeles this week, one enterprising lesbian journalist asked her. After all, so many gays, straights, and lesbians (as the journalist mentioned) were “crushing” on her, and they wanted to know.

Of course, as usual, Conchita’s answer was funny.

Yes, she is single. Well, no, that isn’t the right answer. The right answer is……well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Although I will sadly report before you actually do that, no, you don’t stand a chance with Conchita Wurst – gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender fluid or however you think of yourself. None of us do.

That’s because Conchita Wurst doesn’t date. (Her creator Tom Neuwirth might, if he wasn’t so busy, but he doesn’t come with the dress, the wig, the make-up and the heels, and I hear he’s quite a bit more shy).

Watch the video for more.

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