Is Kim Jae Wook starring in new Romantic Movie drama?

Kim Jae Wook starring in the currently streaming Death’s Game

The latest news out of Korea is that Kim Jae Wook is now in talks to star in the upcoming drama series Romantic Movie.

Kim Jae Wook is the fifth actor to be connected to Romantic Movie, as Lee Jun Young and Jeon So Nee were confirmed to be in talks about the drama earlier in the week.


Back in November, Park Bo Young and Choi Woo Shik’s agencies also confirmed they too were considering roles that have been offered to them.

Kim Jae Wook’s agency, Management SOOP, commented this week that the actor has also received an offer to star in the drama and is currently considering it.

What is the Romantic Movie drama about?

While what we know about a Korean drama’s plot changes as more information is released by the production committee, here is what we know so far about Romantic Movie.

The romantic comedy drama has been written by Our Beloved Summer writer Lee Na Eun, and is an ensemble piece that follows a group of young people who have previously gone through life pretending all of their problems are not important.

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But, as often happens in life, things eventually get to you and it becomes much more difficult to continue on in the same way.

In the case of Romantic Movie, the drama’s main characters are now experiencing the same thing and looking to not only change the way they cope with any problems that arise, but also in search of people they can rely on instead of always going it alone.

The drama is called Romantic Movie as, it appears, it centers around people who are involved in the production of a film — with one of the main characters the director, and others the screenwriter, a film critic, and the composer of the film’s soundtrack.

As for Kim Jae Wook, he recently had a guest role in the just released drama Death’s Game, another ensemble piece with an incredibly high-profile cast.

Prior to that, the 40-year-old Korean actor, who is notoriously choosy with the roles he decides to accept, starred in the hit romantic comedy dramas Crazy Love, and Her Private Life.

He has also made waves in more unusual and somewhat disturbing main roles as priest Choi Yoon/Matthew in the horror drama The Guest, and as serial killer Mo Tae Goo in Voice.

The actor’s upcoming roles include playing another “disturbing character” — Prince Han Pyeong in the Netflix historical drama Hong Rang.

We will keep you updated on more news about Romantic Movie and Kim Jae Wook’s involvement (or non-involvement) in it as more information is released.

Until then, you can watch the talented actor in Death’s Game on Amazon Prime Video, in Her Private Life on Netflix, and in Coffee Prince on Viki —  one of the first dramas the actor starred in, and probably his most iconic.

Meanwhile, check out a snippet of Kim Jae Wook’s superb performance in Death’s Game below.