Is Love Song for Illusion a once or twice-a-week drama? When does Ep 2 air?

Hwang Hee in Love Song for Illusion courtesy KBS2

With the new KBS2 historical drama Love Song for Illusion only getting one episode this week, many viewers are now a little confused as to if the Park Ji Hoon-led drama is a once or twice-a-week drama?

After all, the K-drama was initially advertised as a twice-a-week drama airing every Monday and Tuesday on KBS2, but its first episode premiered on Tuesday night (January 2nd) and its next episode isn’t due to air until January 8th, 2024.

Has KBS2 changed their mind and made Love Song for Illusion a once-a-week-only release then, or are we likely to see more of the superb casting of main leads Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji next week?

Love Song for Illusion is a twice-a-week K-drama

Thankfully for fans of the excellent first episode, Love Song for Illusion is scheduled to air twice a week.

The only reason the Korean drama premiered on Tuesday this week instead of Monday was due to Monday being New Year’s Day, and the folks at KBS2 probably thinking that wasn’t a prime day to kick off a new drama.

Initially then the drama was scheduled to air the first two episodes back-to-back on January 2nd, until KBS2 amended the schedule due to a time slot change to 22:10 (KST).

Hence only the drama’s first episode aired last night (Tuesday), with the next two scheduled for Monday, January 8th and Tuesday, January 9th.

The historical drama will then continue to air every Monday and Tuesday evening on KBS2 until its planned final episode on February 26th, with Viki streaming each new episode for international drama fans.

Meanwhile, Love Song for Illusion, Episode 1 earned a very solid rating in South Korea on Tuesday night, and is also being rated high by international fans, so chances are it could become one of the season’s big hits.

Fingers crossed.

The drama is based on a webtoon of the same name by Vanziun, and stars the excellent cast of the aforementioned Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji, alongside Hwang Hee, and Ji Woo.


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