Is Pitbull’s ‘Ocean to Ocean’ from Aquaman fun or horrendously bad?

Pitbull’s ‘Ocean to Ocean‘ from Aquaman is getting panned by critics and fans, but is it fun or horrendously bad?

The Pitbull track ‘Ocean to Ocean‘ featuring Rhea was featured in the smash hit superhero movie Aquaman this month.

The song was heard as Arthur and Mera are traveling in the Western Sahara and walk out of the water in slow motion, and is a remake of the Toto classic ‘Africa‘.

And what is interesting about this track is, while all the other songs and soundtrack music in Aquaman are being lauded as ‘fabulous’ and ‘brilliant’, Pitbull’s ‘Ocean to Ocean‘ is being almost universally slammed for ‘not belonging in the movie at all’

With one commenter on YouTube even saying “the last time Africa was butchered this bad was the Berlin Conference of 1880”.

Because while American rock band Toto’s ‘Africa’ is a classic rock song, with an explosive chorus, superb vocals, and a catchy melody, and is a song that has more than just stood up to the test of time, Pitbull’s ‘Ocean to Ocean‘ is a weird, muddy mess.

A blaringly loud mix of rap, pop, and classical rock, and with a disjointed mix of rap from Pitbull and power pop vocals from Rhea — ‘Ocean to Ocean‘ doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be.

But what it is is horrendously bad. Or, at least in my opinion, and in the opinion of at least half the Aquaman fandom. (And I detest having to say that, as I generally love what Pitbull puts out, as do most of his fans).

So much so, fans of the movie are talking about Pitbull’s ‘Ocean to Ocean‘ from Aquaman almost as much as they are talking about the film itself.

In fact, the song has had so much attention, even Aquaman director James Wan had to explain why the song was even recorded for the movie.

As he told Business Insider this week, ‘Ocean to Ocean‘ had already been written for Aquaman long before Pitbull signed on to record it.

“And putting the song in the sequence where Aquaman and Mera walk out of the water in slow motion, I felt: For f—‘s sake, let’s have fun with it! It’s something out of ‘Fast and Furious.”

Which leaves me then asking, is James Wan correct? Is Pitbull’s ‘Ocean to Ocean‘ fun, or is it one of the worst songs you have ever heard?

Listen to Pitbull’s ‘Ocean to Ocean‘ from Aquaman in the video below to see which way your mind is heading.

And do check the likes versus dislikes ratio on the song on its YouTube page.

Because the last time I looked, likes were running at 12,000 with dislikes at a massive 72,000.

Now that has to be somewhat of a YouTube record for a song, right?

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