It’s So Hard to Write About Conchita Wurst

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As a writer, I try the best I can to express how I feel. Sometimes it’s easy. Others it’s not. And sometimes, when I write about someone like the girl who has my heart, it’s so hard to say what I really mean, I fail.

The words don’t come smoothly, the phrases get twisted, and what I wanted her to know about the oh-so-clear thoughts in my head is left just a sliver of what it should be. It’s never good enough. It never will be. And, me, I just have to live with that.

And then, today, I came across an article written about Conchita Wurst by another woman who loves her just as much as I do. The article is simply called “Why Do You Like Conchita Wurst?” and it’s brilliant.

That’s because it’s smart, it’s funny, it’s touching, and personal, and witty, and irreverent, and eloquent, and honest, and charming, and kind. And it’s written just the way you would speak – if asked why you loved Conchita Wurst and………….. thoughts rushed out so fast, tumbling over and over themselves, that you weren’t sure they would ever be able to be stopped.

You know. Just like yours would.

And that’s what’s so beautiful about this article. You can see this woman clearly through the words she has written, and know exactly what’s going on in her mind. That feeling many of we Conchita Wurst fans have that, no matter what we say or what we do, it will never be quite good enough. Still……we have to say it anyway. We really have no choice.

Now, that’s the article I would have liked to have written,

Read it. It’s amazing.


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