James Arthur’s ‘Impossible’ Video Shows Anything Can Be Achieved — Repeat Rotation Video


And so, this week, I’ve been a little bit addicted with James Arthur’s new single, which then led me back to Arthur’s first major hit, his debut single ‘Impossible‘. And that track has been playing as my Repeat Rotation Video for the last few hours.

That is because, while Barbadian singer Shontelle was the first person to release ‘Impossible as a single, and the track is beautifully done in an R&B pop way, to me, James Arthur adds something a little bit more heartbreaking to the mix. And that makes the song richer.

Listen to James Arthur’s ‘Impossible‘ in the video below, and do watch the video as well — although it’s not heartbreaking in any way.

Instead, it tells Arthur’s story winning the talent show X-Factor, and really is a lovely example about how almost nothing is really ‘impossible’. Because just about everything can be achieved — if you have the right mindset.


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