James Arthur’s ‘Safe Inside’ Music Video Is Another Gorgeous Piece and a Beautiful Song


I must admit British singer songwriter James Arthur has become a bit of an obsession lately. Because the music he has been releasing over the last couple of years is gorgeous.

Whether it is tracks from his second studio album Back From The Edge, (the song Say You Won’t Let Go’ is stunning) or from All The World’s A Stage, the free rap album he released in 2014 and still one of my favorite albums, everything James Arthur releases just grabs my emotions.

Today, Christmas Day, James Arthur released the official video for his new single ‘Safe Inside‘ and it is another stunner.

The video begins with shots of an obviously happy family — mother, father a baby and a young son– then follows the family as the boy and his sister grow up. Until it becomes obvious the sister, now a young adult, makes bad decisions. Smokes, drinks, gets into arguments with her father and brother, sleeps with people she shouldn’t be sleeping with, and eventually gets into drugs and is then arrested.

But, as the theme of James Arthur’s ‘Safe Inside‘ is about how you always want and need to take care of those you love — even if they do make bad decisions — the video ends with the brother going to find his sister after she leaves a club with a man she just met and realizes she made a mistake.

It ends with the brother looking in on his sister safely sleeping in her bed and, yes, ‘Safe Inside‘.

Watch the official video for James Arthur’s ‘Safe Inside‘ below. Another stunner. Another lovely Christmas gift. Thanks, James.

And remember, you can still pick up James Arthur’s gorgeous sophomore album ‘Back From The Edge‘ on most major music sites.

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