James Arthur’s ‘You Deserve Better’ video features hot girls and a cool artist

James Arthur‘s ‘You Deserve Better‘ music video has just dropped, and it is all kinds of cool. Featuring, as it does, the singer showcased in a variety of TV sets placed against a pristine white backdrop, dancing hot girls that are barely dressed and then James Arthur himself playing a rad guitar and, yep, wearing some quite sexy glasses.

The up-tempo groove track ‘You Deserve Better‘ is likely from the British singer songwriter’s upcoming third studio album, although no announcement has yet been made as to its existence.

Considering the song was initially released along with another new track ‘At My Weakest‘, however, it is a safe assumption that a new album should be forthcoming soon.

‘You Deserve Better‘ was written by Arthur, along with Camille Purcell and TMS.

Surprisingly, however, the song has not made much of an inroad into the charts in any country since its release, only making it to number 54 in the UK, 68 in Australia and in the 58th spot in Ireland.

Hopefully, the release of the official ‘You Deserve Better‘ music video will give it the extra kick it needs, as the song is fun, Arthur’s vocals are superb as always, and those funk guitars are sweet.

Watch the new music video below to see what I mean.

Listen to James Arthur’s ‘At My Weakest‘ — it’s a massive power ballad with stunning vocals

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