James Blunt promotes Afterlove Tour with ‘Don’t Give Me Those Eyes’ live video

James Blunt promotes Afterlove Tour with ‘Don’t Give Me Those Eyes‘ live video

British singer James Blunt is promoting his upcoming The Afterlove Tour with today, among other things, a newly uploaded video of himself performing a pretty stunning live version of his hit single ‘Don’t Give Me Those Eyes‘ during a concert in Oakland, California this year.

And every time I hear James Blunt singing live, I always wonder why he gets so much hate from the British entertainment media. Because he does, with some music critics seeming to actively despise him.

And yet, Blunt is one of the best singers to come out of the U.K. in years, especially live, plus just a thoroughly nice (and hilarious!) guy.

James Blunt’s upcoming The Afterlove Tour kicks off on October 22nd in Stuttgart, Germany and goes all the way through to July 8th next year in Albi, France. The tour covers most of Europe including the U.K and Ireland, hits Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

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Yes, folks, it is a thoroughly massive tour and if he isn’t performing somewhere near you I would be very surprised.

You can grab tickets via his website but you had better do it fast. I just checked to see how tickets in my home town of Vienna are doing, and they are almost all gone.

Meanwhile, watch James Blunt performing ‘Don’t Give Me Those Eyes‘ live in the video below — he is perfect. Yes. He really is.

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