James Blunt’s ‘Cold’ music video is bleak, stark and freezing and that song is gorgeous

British pop singer James Blunt‘s ‘Cold’ got an official music video this morning and it is bleak, stark and, yes, looks extremely bloody cold.

The ‘Cold‘ music video begins with Blunt swimming in the water of a very choppy and windswept sea. A water that looks just as perishing cold as any of those British bodies of water any of we Brits have swim in over the years.

Within the first few seconds, however, Blunt quickly makes his way onto land.

A land as bleak, windy and cold as the ocean he has just emerged from, and a beach where he lays down for a few seconds to catch his breath before he moves off into the misty, deserted distance.

It is at this 43-second spot that the music for Blunt’s ‘Cold‘ begins to play and, as it continues to play and Blunt’s vocals are heard coming in, the shirtless singer starts to climb up a cliff side collecting his shoes, a ring, some cash, his shirt and jacket as he goes.

All the while singing about how cold everything is without the person he is in love with.

As he reaches the top of the cliff a rescue helicopter appears a few moments later, picks him up and flies him away. Hopefully back into the arms of the person he loves.

As for  James Blunt’s ‘Cold‘, it is another of those catchy pop ballads the singer is renowned for, and one you definitely cannot listen to just once.

‘Cold’ is the lead single from his upcoming sixth studio album Once Upon a Mind which is due to be released on the Custard/Atlantic Records labels on October 25th.

Blunt says about Once Upon a Mind,

“I think this is the most honest album I have ever made. Back to Bedlam was similar in that I had been writing those songs for a while about my life experiences at that time, and they came together on my debut. And every song on this album represents something that I’m currently going through or have recently experienced. It’s a very personal record, and I’m proud I can share it.”

You can currently pre-order the album on his website. And, of course, watch James Blunt’s ‘Cold‘ music video below.

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