Jamie Lawson Hits Number 1 on UK Album Charts For First Time

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British singer Jamie Lawson has hit number 1 on the UK album charts with his fourth album — for the first time ever. And what makes his number 1 hit even more interesting is Lawson managed to bump Ed Sheeran from the top spot.

Ed Sheeran, of course, is the man who signed Jamie Lawson to his brand new label Gingerbread Man Records a few months ago, and he’s part of the reason Lawson’s album has been this successful.

Not that Sheeran is likely complaining. He’s still at the number 2 spot for his album X; an album which has now been in the top 10 in the UK for 70 weeks. And the first artist he signed to his brand new record label is now at number 1. A win-win situation indeed.

Ed Sheeran sings ‘Don’t‘ live at on BBC Radio 1

As for Jamie Lawson, he is simply thrilled with his first number 1 hit. (As he should be, as it’s a brilliant album).

He told Official Charts, “It was the dream just to sell enough records to make another one, so to have it straight in at Number 1 is just ridiculous. It’s mental. I’m really over the moon with it and very grateful, obviously, to Ed Sheeran for signing me and putting his faith in my songs, and not having any doubt in them at all.”

Now watch Jamie Lawson’s hit single ‘Wasn’t Expecting That‘ from his chart-topping self-titled album and, of course, buy the album when you realize you love that song, because the entire album is just as good.

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