Japanese band FINLANDS’ ‘Stranger’ gets cool music video, track features Shiori’s gorgeously squeaky vocals

The Japanese two-person rock band FINLANDS has a new music video out this week.

Called ‘Stranger‘, the track is from the band’s recently released 13-track album Flash, and features the same powerful and gorgeously squeaky almost dolphin-like vocals we are used to hearing from lead singer Shiori Fuyuko, as well as a beautiful bass solo from bassist Koshimizu Kayo.

The song itself has a memorable melody and an addictive chorus.

FINLANDS ‘ ‘Stranger‘ music video features the two band members plus guitar player Sawai Ryota, bassist iramina and drummer Suzuki Shunsuke.

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The music video has Shiori and Koshimizu backed by the other musicians, and was shot in an old-fashioned Japanese house with the band performing the track in the living room while dancer Sarasa dances throughout the house and out into the garden.

Watch FINLANDS’ just-released ‘Stranger‘ music video below.

You can also listen to FINLANDS latest album Flash, which includes ‘Stranger‘, in its entirety via the Spotify player down below, and learn more about the duo on their official website (run it through Google Translate if you don’t speak Japanese).


Michelle Topham