Jason Mraz ‘Make It Mine’ It’s My Happy Song – Repeat Rotation Video

jason mraz make it mine

Jason Mraz’ ‘Make It Mine’ is my happy song

I discovered Jason Mraz when his album ‘We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.’ released back in 2008. That’s because a Thai friend was doing much of the promotion of his Bangkok concert, and gave me a copy of Mraz’ new album. An album I loved from the very first track — ‘Make It Mine’.


And while so many other people think ‘I’m Yours‘ is his best song, I’ve always stuck with ‘Make It Mine‘, as the melody and the beat are great and, come on, that chorus. It’s smooth jazz at its best.

So, today, I’m playing Jason Mraz’ ‘Make It Mine‘ for my Repeat Rotation Video, as I’m in a happy mood and this, it just makes me happier.

And, if you’d like another reason to like Jason Mraz. How about this? He’s a social activist who does tons of work in support of LGBT rights. He’s a vegan. Supports The Nature Conservancy, and has worked on social issues from child trafficking to clean oceans and global warming.

Basically, he’s just one of those guys who wants to live a good life and, while he’s at it, make sure the planet is a better place for everyone.

Now there’s someone whose music I’ll never mind buying, as I know he’ll do something good with the money he makes.