Jeff Lynne’s ELO’s ‘When I Was A Boy’ Video Gives Me Goosebumps

jeff lynne elo when I was a boy

Jeff Lynne’s ELO has just released the video for the new single ‘When I Was A Boy‘, and if you thought we were never going to see more of the classic ELO we all know and love — wrong. ‘When I Was A Boy‘ is so classic ELO, from the opening chords right through to the fabulous chorus, if you close your eyes you could easily think you were back in the 1970s.

As for the video — goosebumps. Just freaking goosebumps, as it follows Lynne’s dream of being an international music superstar from his humble beginnings as a lad in Birmingham, to packing the band van with his first band, through to the recording studio, playing live on stage, the long break from recording music, and to his comeback today as a somewhat solo act.

In fact, with this simply beautiful song, and the video production of it, (love that one long camera shot) this could very well end up being one of my top 10 videos of the year.

‘When I Was A Boy‘ is the second song released from Jeff Lynne’s ELO’s upcoming new album, Alone In The Universe —┬áhis first ELO album in 14 years I might add. And I’m already thinking this will be a must buy for me.

If you think the same, you can pre-order it now — and, yes, there is a US exclusive deluxe edition. What are you waiting for?

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