Jennifer Lopez Says She’s “Not Made of Stone” When It Comes to Criticism (Video)

jennifer lopez insecurities

Actress, dancer and singer Jennifer Lopez was on the British breakfast TV show ‘Lorraine’ this week where she talked about criticisms she has received throughout the years.

Lopez was on the show to help publicize her new tour DVD Dance Again but, when the subject of filming the documentary for the DVD came up, the interviewer broached the subject of her insecurities and said “I couldn’t believe you were even insecure about your own voice”.

Jennifer Lopez talks about how self-esteem can be difficult to have, even for a celebrity as famous as her

JLo said “Oh yeah. I took a beating over that for so many years in the media, I think it really worked on my insecurities. I always wanted to be a singer, and I was always a dancer and a singer, but then when you get out there and people really start judging you for that……and it works on you. You know, we’re human. We’re not made of stone.”

Watch Jennifer Lopez talking about her insecurities below and, yep, if you’ve ever felt the need to nastily criticize her or any other celebrity, maybe look at your own failings first?

Just sayin’.

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