Jessie Reyez’ ‘Ankles’ a killer track from her debut studio album

Jessie Reyez’ ‘Ankles‘ was released today and, as you might expect, it is another killer track from the wildly popular Canadian singer songwriter.

Ankles’ is from Jessie Reyez‘ debut studio album Before Love Came To Kill Us.

Projected to be released on March 27th on both Island Records and FMLY, the 15-track album has already had three previous songs released — ‘Imported’ (feat. 6lack), ‘Crazy‘, and ‘Love in the Dark‘ — all of which hit the right spot if you love R&B with a hint of hip hop and pop.

The album itself follows her 2018 EP Being Human in Public, which not only won the singer a Juno Award but also earned her a Grammy nomination.

Pretty much proving how much Jessie Reyez is already a standout singer, when she has not even released her first album.

As for ‘Ankles‘, it has what we are already becoming to realize are typical Jessie Reyez lyrics.

Lyrics that don’t pull any punches when it comes to expressing how she feels. Even if that expression uses language that is more than a little strident. (And no complaints here. I bloody love how she writes!)

Lyrics in ‘Ankles‘ like:

Fight just to fuck just to fight again
World war three justified in bed
Mess me up, now we ain’t even friends
But the truth is I’m kind of tired of
Pretending that I was the guilty one”

Check out Jessie Reyez’ just released new single ‘Ankles’ in the video below, and listen to those lyrics carefully. Then be sure to pre-order Before Love Came To Kill Us.

Because, if you are loving this new song as much as I am, you will want to be listen to the whole album the minute it hits.

And, if you’d like to see Jessie Reyez perform live, her tour promoting her debut album kicks off in April. Details on concerts and tickets on her website.

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EDIT: Jessie announced a couple of days ago that she has had to remove the video for the song (no idea why, but likely a conflict with her record company?). She says it will be back up on YouTube on March 6th, so we will add it back to this article then.

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