Jewel and The Gang Sing ‘Celebration’ Medley on Jimmy Kimmel – How ‘Kool’ Is That? (Video)

jewel and the gang cool and the gang

There is a fabulous video that has just been uploaded to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! YouTube channel of American singer Jewel and Kool and The Gang singing a medley of songs on the show last night. Well ‘Jewel and The Gang’ in this instance.

And consensus on this seems to be, Jewel and The Gang create a fabulous sound together. As well as, geez, how hot is Jewel? Come on, guys, she always was.

Watch Jewel and The Gang singing a medley of songs on Jimmy Kimmel including ‘Ladies’ Night‘ and, of course ‘Celebration‘ in the video below. Now, isn’t that fabulous? And doesn’t her voice suit that jazz, funk, soul sound perfectly?


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