Ji Chang Wook will not star in The Mantis – remake of French serial killer drama

Ji Chang Wook in Welcome to Samdalri — courtesy JTBC

Korean actor Ji Chang Wook has decided to turn down an offer to star in the upcoming drama The Mantis his agency, Spring Company, announced this week.

The reason given was scheduling conflicts, which is not surprising for the extremely busy actor.

What is The Mantis about?


The Mantis is based on the French drama La Mante, which premiered on Netflix in 2017.

The Korean drama will tell the story of a famous female serial killer who has been in jail for more than two decades.

In recent times, however, a new serial killer is terrorizing the city with copy-cat murders based on those of the original killer.

In response to a police request, she offers to help them with their investigation into the new murders, but with one stipulation — she will only speak to one specific detective — her estranged son.

With that kind of synopsis, it is likely the role Ji Chang Wook was offered in The Mantis was that of the killer’s detective son.

If so, it is a pity he chose not to accept the part, as it would have been interesting to see him in the kind of role that features major character development as the drama progresses.

As for the female lead, Go Hyun Jung (Reflection of You) has been offered the role, but has yet to announce her decision.

Ji Chang Wook is busy

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook is currently starring in the superb ongoing drama Welcome to Samdalri, and has also been named as the potential male lead in several other upcoming dramas.

He is also one of the main leads in the TVING drama Queen Woo, and in the film Revolver.

Both of which are supposed to premiere some time in 2024.