Joris ‘Herz über Kopf’ is Rough, Emotional and Lovely (Video)

joris Herz über Kopf

I’ve heard a few native German speakers saying they prefer to listen to songs in English. As a native English speaker, I’m the opposite. I like to hear songs in German, as they seem more touching when I don’t understand the lyrics and so have to concentrate on the music and the voice. Songs like ‘Herz über Kopf‘ (Heart Over Head), one of the latest singles from German singer songwriter Joris, which I think is beautiful.

I only became aware of Joris a couple of months ago as he’s pretty new on the scene, but I loved his music the first time I heard it as his voice is so emotional when he sings. And with the throaty, rough sound he has, along with a sort of gentleness, he really is lovely.

Herz über Kopf’ is from Joris’ debut album Hoffnungslos hoffnungsvoll (Hopelessly Hopeful — isn’t that a great title?), which he just released a couple of days ago. You can get it on iTunes.

Now listen to Joris’ ‘Herz über Kopf’ below. It’s my Repeat Rotation Video today, so I’ve been playing it for half the day. I think you’ll really like it.


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