Joseon Attorney Episode 8 ratings show drama has DOUBLED its viewers in the last 2 days

Joseon Attorney, Episode 8 viewers continued growing after Episode 7’s large increase

The ratings for last night’s Joseon Attorney, Episode 8 are in and it seems the Korean period drama may just have solidified its audience if its higher viewership is anything to go by.

A higher viewership that occurred last night in South Korea after the drama’s previous episode also saw a large increase in its viewers.

The latest figures from Nielsen Korea show Joseon Attorney, Episode 8 grabbing 4.4 percent of the audience nationwide, with a slightly higher 4.5 percent in Seoul.

Add that onto the substantially larger audience the previous episode earned on Friday night, and that means the MBC legal drama has doubled its audience share since its 2.2 percent share for last week’s sixth episode.

Of course, as I mentioned yesterday that could be due to Taxi Driver 2, which aired in the same time slot, having finished its run last weekend and with that show’s viewers moving to Joseon Attorney for a trial view this week.

The real test then will come next weekend when the ninth and tenth episodes of the drama air.

Especially as, at that point, those episodes will be up against the first two episodes of Dr. Romantic, Season 3 airing on competing network SBS.

International viewers of Joseon Attorney seem to be sticking with it

Outside Korea, international viewers of Joseon Attorney (full title Joseon Attorney: A Morality) also seem to be sticking with the show and rating it highly.

On My Drama List, the legal drama has consistently scored above 8 out of 10, with its current rating now at 8.1 after Joseon Attorney, Episode 8 aired on Saturday night.

As I mention every time, that is a high rating for users of that website who tend to be quite strict in the ratings they give.

The ninth and 10th episodes of Joseon Attorney will air on MBC next Friday and Saturday evenings at 21:50 (KST), with the drama streaming via Viki and Kocowa for international viewers soon after.

It will be interesting to see then if the Woo Do Hwan and Bona-led romantic period drama continues to keep its double-sized audience, or whether it will succumb to the charms of Dr. Romantic instead.

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