Julia Parshuta and Mark Tishman’s ‘Nevynosimaya’ is a huge electro-pop ballad that is so danceable

Julia Parshuta and Mark Tishman’s ‘Nevynosimaya‘ is a huge electro-pop ballad that is so danceable

I don’t normally listen to a lot of Russian pop songs. Not because I don’t think they are good, but simply because most of them d0 not come to my attention like other European songs do. This week, though, I discovered a Russian electro-pop song from Julia Parshuta and Mark Tishman (in Russian Юля Паршута & Марк Тишман), and it is so pretty I had to feature it here.

The song is called ‘Невыносимая‘ (‘Nevynosimaya‘) in Russian, which translates into ‘Unbearable in English, and it has a music video that was uploaded to YouTube last month. That is where I found it.

And while the song itself is a huge romantic electronic pop ballad with a distinctive Russian feeling and a driving beat that makes it incredibly danceable, it is both Julia Parshuta and Mark Tishman vocals that make this song. Because they are superb.

Julia Parshuta, by the way, is both a singer and an actress, and Mark Tishman is a famous Russian singer, composer and TV presenter. He has  also composed a huge number of songs that are played on a slew of Russian TV shows,

Listen to Julia Parshuta and Mark Tishman’s ‘Nevynosimaya‘ in the video below to see just how pretty it is and, of course, enjoy that beautifully romantic video too.

Looks like I am going to have to be on the lookout for more Russian pop music after this one. Especially if so many of them are this good.

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