Jung Kyung Ho starring in Laborer Noh Moo Jin – a man who sees ghosts and solves their problems

Jung Kyung Ho in 2023’s hit Crash Course in Romance – photo courtesy tvN

Well, this should be very interesting.

New Korean drama Laborer Noh Moo Jin starring Jung Kyung Ho, a man who is not only a labor lawyer but is also someone who can see ghosts. and so goes about solving their labor problems.

Not sure what kind of labor problems ghosts have but…

And yep, we’ve had a few of these “solve ghosts’ problems” lately (The Midnight Studio, Delivery Man), so that’s a bit disappointing but, as Jung Kyung Ho seems to be able to make any role he plays incredibly watchable, the upcoming MBC drama is still bound to be a good one.

Jung Kyung Ho’s involvement in the drama was confirmed by his agency, Management Allum, last year, but now we also have a planned broadcast schedule (see below).

The plot of Laborer Noh Moo Jin

According to Korea’s Newsis, not much else is known about the plot, except that the drama is a comedy fantasy, and that an MBC representative commented on the upcoming drama saying:

Although it deals with a rather heavy topic of labor issues, we will make it a pleasant story by adding comedy and fantasy.

Laborer Noh Moo Jin is being directed by The Point Men director Im Soon Rye, and was written by Kim Bo Tong (D.P.).

There have not been any confirmations about Jung Kyung Ho’s co-stars in Laborer Noh Moo Jin, but Korean news media has been reporting Seol In Ha (Twinkling Watermelon) and Cha Hak Yeon (Joseon Attorney) will also be joining the main cast.

Jung Kyung Ho’s previous roles

Of course, Jung Kyung Ho is one of South Korea’s biggest stars, especially when it comes to Korean dramas.

Last year, he starred in the smash hit drama Crash Course in Romance alongside Jeon Do Yeon.

Prior to that, the 40-year-old actor was known for performances in Hospital Playlist, When the Devil Calls Your Name, Life on Mars, Prison Playbook, Missing 9, One More Happy Ending, and Falling for Innocence just to name a few.

He starred in the films Fasten Your Seatbelt, Manhole, Amor, Daemuga: Sorrow and Joy and Men of Plastic, and isĀ also part of the main cast of the upcoming action comedy film Boss.

With that kind of experience, like I said, he is incredibly watchable in anything he acts in.

We will have to wait a while for Laborer Noh Moo Jin though, as the Korean drama is not scheduled to broadcast until some time in early 2025, when it will air every Friday and Saturday evening on MBC.

Until then, watch Jung Kyung Ho in his hit drama Crash Course in Romance on Netflix.

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