K-Drama Death’s Game cast is AMAZING – some of BEST Korean actors in webtoon adaptation

The upcoming Korean drama Death’s Game cast has been revealed and, if you are looking for a drama with an absolutely stellar cast, this one is it as the cast list is amazing.

A cast list that has been partially teased over the last couple of months, but now with all 12 actors named.

Actors who are some of the biggest names in the industry, and will most definitely add superstar power to the upcoming K-drama.

That Death’s Game cast includes these awesome actors:

My main dude, Kim Jae Wook (I would watch a show about paint drying if he was in it)

Seo In Guk (stellar in Doom at Your Service)

Park So Dam (I didn’t like Record of Youth, but she was phenomenal in it)

Go Youn Jung (a knockout in Sweet Home)

Kim Ji Hoon (my second “best boy” since his role in Love to Hate You),

Choi Si Won (loved him in Love is for Suckers),

Sung Hoon (so cute in My Secret Romance)

Kim Kang Hoon (still just 14-years-old, and has already shown off several excellent performances in dramas like Racket Boys and Reborn Rich)

Jang Seung Jo (superb in Snowdrop)

Lee Jae Wook (an absolute god in Alchemy of Souls)

Lee Do Hyun (fabulous in The Good, Bad Mother) and

Oh Jung Se (fell in massive “like” with him in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay)

Along with the Death’s Game cast reveal, TVING also released a short teaser video introducing each actor, which you can watch below.

What is Death’s Game about?

The upcoming Death’s Game is based on a popular webtoon, and tells the story of Choi Yi Jae (played by Seo In Guk), a man who is considering committing suicide after he feels as though his life comprises nothing but failures he will never be able to overcome.

That is when Death approaches him (played by Park So Dam), and punishes him for considering suicide by forcing him to become 12 different people and, while doing so, experience their deaths.

There is no word yet on when Death’s Game will premiere, but we will keep you informed as soon as we find out.

Meanwhile, enjoy that stellar cast presentation below because, man, it is a good one.


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