K. Flay’ ‘This Baby Don’t Cry’ is a massive female empowerment song, and so cool

K. Flay’s ‘This Baby Don’t Cry‘ tells women it’s okay not to give a f*ck

Singer, songwriter, rapper and musician K. Flay has just released the second single from her upcoming third studio album Solutions. Called ‘This Baby Don’t Cry‘, it’s a follow up from ‘Bad Vibes‘, the lead single from the album that was released in early March.


K. Flay’s ‘This Baby Don’t Cry‘ is drum-directed and a massive female empowerment song as, with its lyrics, it shows her as someone that is not going to be put down or told what to do.

Instead, K. Flay will be running her own life, thank you very much, and not really giving a fuck what you think about that.

Especially with lyrics like “nobody tells you when you’re just a kid, that the rules all change you gotta lose to win, so i sit back and just enjoy the ride, watch my worries wave goodbye“, and ‘it’s never easy to be different inside, but when you don’t give a fuck, it’s just like riding a bike”.

You know she thinks every other woman should be doing that too.

K. Flay’s ‘This Baby Don’t Cry’ isn’t just a powerful female empowerment song, though, it is also an earworm with its driving drums, and addictive melody.

An earworm I can just see a million women screaming the lyrics to as they dance furiously around their kitchen.

K.Flay’s new album Solutions will be released on July 12th on Night Street Records, a division of Interscope.

You can pre-order it here.

And, of course, listen to ‘This Baby Don’t Cry‘ in the official audio video below. Now that’s what I needed to start my week off right.

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Michelle Topham