K. Flay’s ‘Not in California’ decries apathy and asks why the loudest get attention

K. Flay’s ‘Not in California‘ has her feeling like Dorothy

Singer, songwriter and rapper K. Flay released her latest single yesterday. Called ‘Not in California‘, as deceptively sweet as it may sometimes sound, the track actually decries the apathy societies around the world seem to be mired in nowadays.

As well as why does it seem it is always the loudest who are getting the most attention? Even if they are often the most stupid, the most racist, the most misogynistic and the most homophobic.

In a press release about the song, K. Flay had this to say about the title of the track, and why ‘Not in California’ seemed so apt.

“These days I’ve been feeling a bit like Dorothy. I see the plastic islands and the melting glaciers and the 24 hour news cycle where people shout because loud seems to win and I think to myself, ‘We’re not in California anymore.”

The title of the song is a twist on that iconic Wizard of Oz statement ‘Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”. Said as Dorothy was faced with a strange and scary world she wasn’t quite sure how to adapt to.

Something many of us feel today, as we see the world seemingly spiraling downward into hatred, violence and an environmental crisis, while most people on the planet, our politicians included, just sit there apathetically and let it.

“The birds all died and the trees caught fire
And the government, it called us crazy
We built a big world then we watched it all burn
‘Cause the television made us lazy”

K. Flay’s ‘Not in California‘ is from her upcoming third studio album Solutions.

The title of the album is due to the singer realizing while we often feel like a solution to any problem is complicated, in reality it is often the most simple thing that turns out to be the right thing to do.

‘Not in California‘ is the fourth release from the Illinois native’s new album. An album that will be released on July 12th.

The indie pop rock, hip hop artist will also be launching a tour in support of Solutions in early September. You can find all those dates, and there are a lot, on her website.

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