K-pop group BTS popular in Hawaii, California and umm…Wisconsin?

K-pop group BTS popular in Hawaii, California and umm…Wisconsin?

Reading the New York Times on a daily basis always pops up some interesting snippet of information you may not find anywhere else. Like this, for instance.

News that the K-pop group BTS, while becoming more popular in the U.S. overall since their appearance at the Billboard Music Awards in May, is apparently even more popular in Hawaii, California and umm…Wisconsin.

Yep, Wisconsin.

The New York Times figured this out by looking at geocoded streaming data from YouTube videos as it pertains to viewers in the United States.

From it, they calculated BTS is the 50th most-watched artist on YouTube by American viewers, but is specifically popular in three areas of the country — Hawaii, some parts of California and northern Wisconsin.

They have no idea why that is the case, just that it is.

Of course, having watched BTS’s popularity rising around the world for quite a while now (they are massive in Thailand where I used to live), I would say we can probably expect them to start getting even more pockets of popularity across the U.S. as time goes on. Utah? New Hampshire? Texas?

After all, the sky really is the limit where these boys are concerned, as BTS really is a phenomenal group.

Watch them below to see why. Because it’s not just their addictive music, it’s that these guys spend hundreds of hours practicing their performances so they¬†rock an amazing dance number on stage as well.

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