Kaela Kimura’s live performance of ‘Magnetic’ on The First Take is upbeat, fun, high-energy and she’s adorable

Was it just me, or were you also thrilled to see Japanese pop rock singer Kaela Kimura show up on the Sony YouTube channel The First Take yesterday?

Especially because the singer always looks very different than many other stereotypical looking Japanese artists, she has a helluva good voice, and her live performances are always so incredibly cool and fun.

This time, it was Kaela Kimura’s live performance of ‘Magnetic‘ she showed off on The First Take┬áin a one-shot performance that was just as good as you might expect.

A performance that kicked off with the singer walking onto the one-take set with her usual charisma and flair and, of course, wearing a cute and stylish outfit — this time baggy jeans full of holes and a massive overly-long-sleeved, wildly colored and very warm-seeming Argyle print sweater.

Throw in the pop singer’s upbeat, happy energy, and face full of adorably wide grins, and isn’t it hard to believe Kaela Kimura is 38-years-old?

Kaela Kimura’s ‘Magnetic‘, by the way, is the lead track from her 11th studio album of the same name.

The Magnetic album was released on December 14th on the Victor Entertainment label, with ‘Magnetic‘ the second song on the album, and featuring Japanese-American rapper and singer Ai.

Watch Kaela Kimura’s live performance of ‘Magnetic‘ on The First Take.

Honestly, it’s hard to watch the superb performance and not smile and smile.

You can also hear Magnetic, her latest album, in full below that.

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