Kaleo’s Coachella Performance of ‘Way Down We Go’ is Brilliant (Video)

Kaleo's Coachella performance of 'Way Down We Go'

Kaleo’s Coachella performance of ‘Way Down We Go’ was one of the band’s best

Icelandic indie blues rock band Kaleo’s Coachella performance of ‘Way Down We Go‘ on Saturday was brilliant.

It was also part of a set list the band performed that included some other stellar Kaleo songs, including ‘All The Pretty Girls‘, ‘I Can’t Go On Without You‘, ‘Hot Blood‘, No Good‘ and ‘Ladies Man‘.

But it was Kaleo’s Coachella performance of ‘Way Down We Go‘ I thought was their best of the day, however, watching it as I did on the live stream.

Because it’s that smooth, slow introduction to the song with JJ Julius Son’s bluesy gravel of a voice that is so compelling, followed by those mellow, rich guitars, that grabbing melody and just the sweet, sweet, sweetness of the song I loved so much.

Honestly, I’ve heard that song 900 times, and that version at Coachella was still just as fresh as the first time.

If you missed it, watch it below. And, if you think Kaleo is as good as I do, don’t forget they will be back at Coachella again next Saturday the 22nd April.

You can also check out their upcoming tour schedule around the U.S. and Europe on the band’s website.

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