Kate Havnevik’s ‘Falling’ – Ethereal, Beautiful, Addictive: Repeat Rotation Video

kate havnevik falling


Norwegian singer Kate Havnevik’s new song ‘Falling‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today as, from the first second I started watching that video, I was in love with both ‘Falling‘ and the gorgeous video. Both of which are ethereal, beautiful and addictive.

Kate Havnevik’s voice, too, is lovely as she’s very reminiscent of Icelandic singer Björk, with the same haunting quality to her voice and to her songs.

The video for ‘Falling‘ is simple. Just Kate and Norwegian actress Ingrid Bolsø Berdal standing at the edge of tempestuous and bleak waters, wrapped around each other and, yes, falling. But it’s the artistry of how they are filmed that makes this video so mesmerizing to watch.

As for why Kate Havnevik’s voice is familiar, if you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy or The West Wing, you’ve probably heard her before, as her music has been featured on both quite a lot, as well as on several other American TV shows.

Havnevik’s ‘Falling‘ is from her new album &i, which will be released next month. It’s the second single from the album. The first, Emperor of Nowhere, I showcased when it was released back in November last year and, yes, it’s just as beautiful as ‘Falling’. (You can currently grab ‘Falling’ at iTunes).

Honestly, I could listen to her music all day. And today, I’m going to.


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