Kelly Clarkson Cancels 6 Concerts Due to Voice Strain

Kelly Clarkson piece by piece cover art

Kelly Clarkson canceled her planned ‘Piece By Piece’ concert in Vienna last night, as well as various other concerts in Florida, North Carolina and New Jersey. Clarkson’s website states the canceled concerts — a total of six — are due to voice strain, with Kelly being told by several doctors that she needs to rest her voice.

A quote on the site from Kelly said “So bummed that I have to cancel some of my tour dates. This kills me, but doctors are saying I need to rest my voice! I can’t wait to get healthy and see y’all back on the road soon. I hate canceling and I am truly sorry to my fans that have been excited to see this show. Please know that I never cancel anything unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

With just a planned two-week rest, however, Clarkson is due to pick up her tour in Kanata, Ontario on October 1st.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch Kelly Clarkson announce her second pregnancy while on her ‘Piece By Piece’┬átour at the Staples Center in LA. How cute is she?


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