Kendji Girac’s ‘Pour Oublier’ music video is happy, upbeat and fun

I love French singer Kendji Girac and his songs. Not only is he beautiful and has a cool voice, but many of his songs and the music videos that go with them are upbeat, fun and have that gorgeous Catalan gypsy sound.

Take Kendji Girac’s latest music video for his new single ‘Pour Oublier‘.  Because it is not just the song that is so gorgeously upbeat and happy, it is the video too.

A video that has Girac on a stunningly beautiful coastline singing and dancing to the song, and then out in the evening with friends who also love his song so much they have the dance fever too.

Kendji Girac’s ‘Pour Oublier‘ is from his upcoming third studio album, which will be released on August 31st. It is the second song from the album, following the release of ‘Maria Maria‘ earlier in the year.

Watch the music video for the single below. You can stream and buy ‘Pour Oubliervia these links.

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