Kendrick Lamar Releases ‘God Is A Gangsta’ and Rages and Roars (Video)

kendrick lamar god is a gangsta

Kendrick Lamar has released a short film called ‘God Is a Gangsta’ that consists of both ‘u’ and ‘For Sale’ from his Grammy-nominated album To Pimp A Butterfly.


The film was directed by Jack Begert and PANAMAERA, and kicks off with Lamar in a drunken haze raging and raving. From here he soon launches into ‘u‘, repeating over and over again “loving you is complicated”. He’s angry and upset and disappointed in….someone? But we don’t know who.

u‘ then morphs into ‘For Sale?‘, with Kendrick in a dreamy haze first being baptized in a pool of water and then surrounded by half-naked women in a tripped out nightclub. This becomes even more eerie as subliminal messages flash on and off the screen in between clips.

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And it’s fascinating watching Kendrick Lamar scream and rage and curse in ‘God Is A Gangsta‘, as it is impossible not to see why he is thought of as a genius by so many people.

Hell, To Pimp A Butterfly ended up in the number one spot for Best Album on a few high-profile magazine’s 2015 lists, as well as earned him 11 Grammy nominations.

Watch him below.


Michelle Topham