Kim Hye Soo #2 in film actor brand reputation rankings for December – up 6 places since November

South Korean actress Kim Hye Soo (김혜수), star of the recent film Smugglers, has just been named as the actress in the #2 spot on the December film actor brand reputation rankings chart.

That chart is put together by the Korean Business Research Institute, and is based on their analysis of a variety of indexes including the media coverage the actress received, consumer participation, interaction and community awareness from November 21st to December 21st, 2023.

Last month, Kim Hye Soo was in the #8 spot, so she has risen six spots in a month with this month’s brand reputation index of 8,882,435, which is almost 150 percent higher than last month.

She was just beaten out for the top spot by Jung Woo Sung, whose career is currently on fire for his roles in the hit movie 12.12: The Day and in the drama Tell Me That You Love Me.

Recent roles Kim Hye Soo has played

Kim Hye Soo, of course, is most recently known for her role as Jo Chun Ja in the Ryoo Seung Wan-directed film Smugglers alongside Yeom Jung Ah and Zo In Sung.

Before that, the 53-year-old actress was superb in the critically-acclaimed main role in the drama Under the Queen’s Umbrella, as well as was one of the stars of the 2022 drama series Juvenile Justice.

Prior to that, she has earned acclaim for her roles in the film Tazza: The High Rollers, and in dramas like Signal, Home Sweet Home, Han River Ballad and The Golden Age.

The actress has been a mainstay of the Korean film and drama industry for more than 30 years quickly becoming one of the country’s A-list actresses, and has also been nominated for or been awarded a slew of acting awards.

You can currently watch Kim Hye Soo on Viki in dramas like Signal, Dr. Romantic, and in the film A Special Lady on Viki, as well as in the main role in Under the Queen’s Umbrella via Netflix.


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